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Xc90 yaw problem

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Old Nov 1st, 2019, 22:20   #1
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Default Xc90 yaw problem

Hi I have a 2003 xc90. : with a yaw problem I think I am getting codes like angle of lean sensor incorrect offset value code 0083,,, I removed the amp under drivers seat and it was full of water in there and yaw as half in water Does anyone know where the water is coming from and do u think yaw is the problem thanks John
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Old Nov 2nd, 2019, 07:46   #2
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No electronics likes to be wet

Because the yaw sensor was under water it has been damaged.
Replace it

Fix the water leak:
If you have a sunroof, check the sunroof drains are clear in the A-pillars, check the join in the hose inside the A-pillar.
Most common culprit is sunroof drains

If no sunroof, check the windscreen for leaks and check the CEM cable entry duct for leaks
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Old Nov 3rd, 2019, 09:12   #3
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Default Water leek

Hi thanks for your help .. ave got no sunroof and my water was on drivers side most say passenger side .. was was under the amp osf ,, any ideas where this is coming from shall I remove wipers and panel and check in there thanks jd
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Old Nov 3rd, 2019, 13:27   #4
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Default Climate Control Air Inlet

Your other possibility is water leaking past the climate control air inlet in the area in front of and under the front window. Keep in mind that I have a US spec 2004 XC90 as I describe this. When I bought mine last year I first took off the black plastic cover between the front windshield and the firewall. Underneath is the motors for the wipers, the (hopefully) watertight box where the electrical harness comes from the engine into the passenger compartment and the CEM (in my car on the drivers side). On my passenger side is the inlet plenum for the air. It has a couple of drain holes around it that can get clogged with built up debris. There is also a foam seal between the inlet plenum and the guts of the climate control that are bolted up underneath the dash. In my car that foam seal was crumbly dust and water might have been leaking past. Unfortunately you can't replace that foam seal without taking out the dash to unbolt the guts of the climate control. That is a very time consuming job! The last item is that on the bottom of the fan unit of the climate control assembly in the passenger compartment there is a black plastic hose that drains any water that gets directly down through the plenum into the fan unit. This drains out through the firewall.

My recommendations are as follows 1) clean out the area in front of the windshield where the inlet plenum and harness inlet are located. 2) Put some silicon around the half-assed shield that sits over the inlet plenum and is supposed to prevent water from dumping directly down into it. 3) replace the worn bits of the black plastic cover that are supposed to help channel water from the windshield 4) consider jerry rigging something additional above the half-assed shield to keep water from dumping into the air plenum. I bought a rectangular plastic bucket at a hardware store and cut it into a shape that fit. 5) get to the hose that drains the bottom of the fan unit and make sure that it is not clogged or disconnected. On my car this is underneath the glove box on the passenger side and the glove box is easy to remove. 6) Get the carpets out and make sure everything is dry. I propped up the various insulation pads so air could get underneath and ran an electric heater/fan for 24 hours. 7) get a used yaw sensor. I have the benefit of a pull your own part junk yard so I could pull one from a car that did not have any evidence of water problems.
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Old Nov 3rd, 2019, 14:06   #5
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Thanks a lot mate plenty to go at now ave ordered a second hand yaw unit and waiting to see if anti skid goes out after that I will work on water leek thank you very much for you time ..
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Old Nov 3rd, 2019, 22:38   #6
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You will need to drive the car for a bit before the new yaw sensor is accepted to the car or at least that is what happen with mine, didn’t need to reset it with VIDA. On UK cars the inlet for the climate control is on the passenger side.
Before you fit the replacement you need to isolate the leak also you will need to dry the interior. It wont dry by just leaving it the carpet under the front seats/footwell is at least 6 inches thick so holds a lot of water. You will need to remove the seat to get it out but that’s not too bad as the 4 bolts are on the inside of the car but the seats are heavy. The scuttle drains can be blocked which cause the water to get in.
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Old Nov 4th, 2019, 23:44   #7
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Lightbulb Water leak thread

Hi there,
If you search my threads I did quite a comprehensive one on the wet footwell.
In addition to the CEM leak and others mentioned you can get a leak from shrunken sealant on the inner wing that allows water to track into a box section behind the pedals and then leak into the footwell from a gap in the panels. (Easily fixed by spraying the offending area of the inner wing with waxoyle).
First thing is to get the front carpet out, get everything dry and see what you have.
If you make up a dummy footwell from expanded polystyrene wrapped in plastic you can use the car whilst it is drying out.
If not you risk treading on wiring and your feet not reaching the floor 😂.
Expect at least a week if it is very wet.
Rather than repeat everything here pm me if you can not find the thread or are struggling.
I am not far from you and can talk you through it.
Good luck.
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Old Nov 5th, 2019, 14:02   #8
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Default Binty's Post

Johnboyzx10, I went through a similar experience with serious leaks and loads of water under the footwell carpet, and it was a very frustrating experience indeed.
Sadly, I only found Binty's thread after I'd wasted a lot of time and energy trying to find the source of the leak in my car, which also has no sunroof. To save you time, here is Binty's excellent post which contains a link to another post of his referring to another possible source of leaks. (Volvo don't make sieves, but if they did... they'd look remarkably like a first generation XC90) My car had the leaking seam, the corroded Anti-Yaw sensor and a totally rusted-to-bits parking brake pedal assembly thanks to a ridiculous amount of water in the driver's footwell. If you follow Bintys' suggestions in the link below, you should solve the problem.
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Old Nov 5th, 2019, 21:28   #9
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Default Water leek

Thanks every one fitted second hand yaw and all good and sorted .am going to fix the water leek tomorrow so al keep u updated .. thanks again
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Old Nov 19th, 2019, 21:44   #10
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Binty can u give us a text or call on 07872392702 thanks john
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