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Door protector strip-removal

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Old Jul 22nd, 2018, 22:16   #11
2008 XC90 D5 SE

Last Online: Oct 28th, 2019 15:04
Join Date: Nov 2015
Location: Formby

Should pop out. Its stuck to a plastic shroud, that clicks in to the motor.

I think the back of the mirror housing (That your looking to paint) is easier to come off tho.... just the usual plastic clips that you massage to unclip.
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Old Jul 23rd, 2018, 14:39   #12
Premier Member

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Location: southampton

Originally Posted by Father Ted View Post
How easy does the glass come out?
From memory you angle the mirror all the way out and then there is a clip that you flick either towards or away from the car and this unclips the mirror glass, it is then just a case of unplugging the 2 wires for the heater element and the glass is removed.
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Old Jul 26th, 2018, 20:29   #13
Father Ted
Master Member

Last Online: Jul 30th, 2020 18:21
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Wirral

Originally Posted by colinbos View Post
Should pop out. Its stuck to a plastic shroud, that clicks in to the motor.

I think the back of the mirror housing (That your looking to paint) is easier to come off tho.... just the usual plastic clips that you massage to unclip.
Tried to unclip the cover. Nearly broke it, so gave up!
Don't know whether to mask it in place or remove the mirrors.....job for another day! (After my hols!)
2003 V70 2.4SE Auto. Gone now.
2003 XC90 D5. Auto.
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Old Jul 27th, 2018, 07:22   #14
john langrick
Senior Member

Last Online: Today 16:54
Join Date: Dec 2016
Location: Southend on sea

Hi, a word of warning here. Mine is a my 2003 in fact same coluur as yours. When I purchased it two years ago, one of the known problems was a broken n/s wing mirror. The glass was missing.

When I tried to fix, I discovered that the cradle that supports the mirror, sits in a plastic socket set into the mirror motor housing. There are two pins, one at the side and one I think at the top or bottom. Motors pull these pins in and out to tilt the mirror and it rocks on a plastic ball in the cradle, set in the plastic socket set into the motor. The 'lips' on this socket break, probably in my case because they became brittle with age.

So I suggest be warned that you could damage this socket on the motor, or the clips that retain the mirror.

I personally would mask the mirror, but with good quality masking tape that does not adhere too well and be gentle with the mirror.

In my case I replaced the whole assembly, case motor and all. If I remember was pretty easy to remove, but yours could easily be removed to spray off the car also. The tricky bit is removing the little triangular tweeter speaker cover which has small pins on it that can break. The door card just pops off and there are two plugs and sockets to remove. A long 10mm socket is also required.

I hope this helps
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Old Nov 20th, 2019, 01:29   #15
New Member

Last Online: Dec 19th, 2019 15:30
Join Date: Nov 2019
Location: Middle West

Any guidance you can share on how the door protector strip was removed? Is this the same part for all Gen 1? Thank you.
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