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2003 exterior door handle replacement

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Old May 29th, 2013, 00:48   #1
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Default 2003 exterior door handle replacement

I need to replace a broken chrome exterior door handle for my 2003 Volvo V40. It is for the right front door. I got the spare part (chrome handle with its plastic base, although the base has other color than red, which is the color of my car).
What options do I have?
(1) paint the base of the purchased part in red and replace the whole door handle assembly or
(2) disassemble the chrome handle from the base and attach it to the original base (red)?

If the second is a viable option, how should I remove the metal rod since it is bended (for lack of better word) at one end (see the photo attached - an arrow indicates the bend that secures the chrome handle)? Then, if I remove the rod, how can I put the rod back and bend it at that end to secure the handle?
I'll appreciate any advice from more experienced owners.


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File Type: jpg volvo-v40-2003-door-handle.JPG (72.0 KB, 87 views)
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Old May 29th, 2013, 01:25   #2
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Option 2 is the best and easiest. Just use a file or dremel tool to grind those two small bits (what you call "bend") and remove the metal rod. When you put the metal rod back, you don't have to bend it it as it cannot come off anyway....
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Old May 29th, 2013, 12:27   #3
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Thank you! Will do the way you suggested.
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Old May 31st, 2013, 19:35   #4
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Totally agree with Gatos.

I filed the 'nipped' steel off and slid the bars out, so I could spray mine (my car is dark red and the handles were light green).

When I replaced the bars, they never moved a millimeter.

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Old May 31st, 2013, 20:29   #5
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I have done it - filed the handle rod, took the broken handle off, and put the new handle on and it stays put. The door handle works - unlocking the door now. Thank you for the advice!

While replacing the handle, I have found what caused the handle to be broken by previous owner. The vertical rod that goes from the handle to the lock (to unlock it) was not fixed to the clip. The previous owner, I guess, pulled the handle too hard...

Well, after I have put it back together, I noticed that the window does not open all the way down and I need to see what causes it. But the second time is much easier to take the door panel off.
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Old Nov 14th, 2019, 16:58   #6
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Default 2002 Volvo V40 driver side external handle replacement

Dear All,
I've seen that this thread is pretty old, however, I hope to receive some useful answers to my problem. I have a 2002 Volvo V40 and my external door handle broke on the driver side. Now I managed to purchase a new handle, however, it seems to be pretty hard to replace it personally, although I am not a clumsy one. This video: is pretty good, but it shows the replacement of the passenger side only, which is quite different from the driver side, for two reasons: 1. the driver side also has the key lock installed, and 2. there is a long, vertically placed metallic plate in the way in the inside of the door, the bottom side of which is permanently fixed to the door (i.e. not with a screw or bolt). Could anyone help me with a useful guide as to how to change the external handle on the driver side? Obviously a video guide would be the best, but I couldn't find any on the internet. Any help would be highly appreciated!!
Thanks in advance!
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Old Jan 13th, 2020, 12:31   #7
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Default Volvo S40 replacement door handle

Mine just broke yesterday so I am now looking to source a replacement. Did you find a resolution to your problem as it would be useful to know before I begin taking the car apart.
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Old Jan 13th, 2020, 14:09   #8
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A somewhat cowboy solution when mine broke (plastic between the actual handle and the curved connecting plastic that goes in to the door) was to apply a small blob of Plexus 2-pack adhesive between the two surfaces and leave it an hour or two, it's never had any sign of coming away since. Aware that isn't the proper way to do things but saved many swears!
Current: S40 1.9D (2002), Fiat Sedici 1.9 Multijet (2009)
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