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S40 SE Lux Sport D5 Geartronic, 120k, silver

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Old Oct 22nd, 2020, 08:14   #1
moshmobile driver
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Default S40 SE Lux Sport D5 Geartronic, 120k, silver

Selling my S40 D5 as I've bought a V60 with Polestar

I'm in Warrington, WA4

SE Lux spec with Sport trim (body kit)
D5 185bhp Euro IV (not DPF) with Geartronic automatic box
Medea 18" wheels (no corrosion but some curb damage typical of age)
Winter Pack (heated seats, jet lamp washers)
Performance audio system
Central cup holders
Plastic fitted boot liner
Yellow prancing moose badges on the wings (removable, magnetic)
A full set of winter wheels in good condition (worth around £150)
USB-C cabling and a universal phone cradle with Bluetooth adapter for the audio system & hands free calling

120k miles and full service history, regular stamps (not Volvo) up to my ownership, I've only used Volvo parts & always Shell Helix Ultra for any servicing & repairs, mostly done by Hallmark in Stockport. Timing belt (Volvo kit) was done at 98k. I've got all the receipts during my ownership.

Body work is in superb condition generally, no rust anywhere, but there is some superficial damage detailed below.

More info & pics linked below, with details of various bits I've had fixed over the last 2 years, including full AC system overhaul... I'll post some recent pics when the weather is better, but it doesn't look much different from this!

I believe the normal value would be up to £1500, but I'm considering lower offers, as there are a couple of problems, none of which are particularly worrisome, but make it hard to justify asking for the market rate.

The D5 has loads of poke and good mpg on a long run.


- gearbox: valve body can be a bit iffy sometimes, especially when it's hot, and the clutch slips occasionally (shows this fault on the code reader). It's definitely no worse than 2 years ago, since I had the stinky box fluid changed, and it'd be a pretty expensive repair, so I just lived with it. Lift off a sec, back on the gas -- no worries.

- bodywork: keyed down both the passenger side doors, rear is slight but some b***ard had two separate hard goes at the front door and the lacquer is damaged. It's not down to the metal and it isn't *that* noticeable until you look closely, so I didn't bother repairing it. Passenger front wing also has a very light circular scratch on it and a stone chip. The driver's side is immaculate though

- rear seats: the leather isn't in brilliant condition. Not horrendous, but I did notice that problem when I bought the car. I don't sit in the back so I don't see it

I've subscribed to this thread if you want more details, or you can send me a PM with any offers

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Old Oct 22nd, 2020, 22:02   #2
moshmobile driver
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Location: Warrington

I'll add more photos here as I start to go through them all

I've added some photos of the winter wheels for now.
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