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Maintenance light, several errors

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Old Sep 16th, 2018, 19:07   #1
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Default Maintenance light, several errors

Hi everyone,

My V70 D5 from '04 is having some intermittent starting issues. I can't really tell since when this started happening, but during this hot summer there was one day where my CEM was overheated causing the well known problems (AC not working, dashboard not working, etc. etc.).

I recently pulled the injectors because of an oil leak and noticed that #1 and #3 were leaking quite a bit. According to VIDA these two injectors also have a (much) lower output than the other 3. I am well aware that this could very well be the cause of the starting issues and I will pull the injectors again this week to see what type I have to I can replace them.

There are however several errors according to VIDA and I am wondering if these could be related to the CEM overheating this summer and if it might be damaged. I have also read that the '04 D5's doesn't have a fan or heatsinks on it and thus makes it prone to overheating.

These are the errors:


CCM-0021 (Air quality sensor internal fault)
ECM-1200 IAT Temperature too high
ECM-9210 Cruise Control - Faulty Signal (afaik CC isnt enabled on my car)

CEM-6A01 Door unlocked, left rear signal too high
CEM-6C48 Transponder type faulty signal
BCM-0136 Brake pressure sensors 1&2 signal outside permitted range
CEM-5B01 Left heater pad faulty signal
REM-1A05 Relay 15i supply signal too low
REM-8F63 Relay, rear windshield defroster signal missing
UED-003D Luggage compartment lighting signal faulty

Could it be that most of these are related to the CEM overheating?
If so, can it be repaired?

ps - regarding the transponder signal, I have tried it with the other key and the starting problem is still there.
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Old Sep 16th, 2018, 22:57   #2
Joe Harding
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None of those look really bad. Reset the lot and see what comes back. No point doing anything until you know which are hard faults.
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