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Diesel Engines A forum dedicated to diesel engines fitted to Volvo cars. See the first post in this forum for a list of the diesel engines.

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Volvo S60 d5 2.4 (07) engine service required urgent warning

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Old May 16th, 2019, 11:40   #1
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Default Volvo S60 d5 2.4 (07) engine service required urgent warning

Hey guys,

I wondered if any you decent folk have any experience with this..

About a month ago I had ‘engine service required’ appear on my dash and car would intermittently go into limp mode, I soon found out the egr was the issue, I cleaned the egr out and throttle body and wow what a different car I had for about 2 weeks or so, then one morning I drove my usually 7 mile route to work with no issues or hesitation and all was well but at lunch time I only started the car for it then too flag up a red triangle and warning message ‘engine service required urgent’ I have tried reading the manual (which doesn’t state this error message) and found nothing, I plugged in my obd reader (not a cheap nasty one) and has flagged up about 6-7 errors including egr and position, turbo actuator, glow plug relay, egr cooler bypass valve, engine pads, this doesn’t narrow the issue down. The car is stuck in limp mode and will not reset the error..the only thing I can add that was my error was I accidentally put redex petrol cleaner in my tank (I know idiot) but redex company confirmed it wouldn’t cause any damage to the vehicle just the solution wouldn’t work for cleaning and would pass through fine. I have read here that fuel filters caused a lot of issue with limp mode on these engine but considering the faults I have found I am skeptical that that’s the issue in this case..
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Old May 16th, 2019, 13:20   #2
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If you've had a detergent in the fuel tank, it's feasible that debris may have been dislodged and clogged the filter.
Unless you know for certain that the fuel filter is free flowing, I wouldn't rule out anything.

I would strongly recommend using Volvo Dice and Vida software to give you accurate codes along with explanations of symptoms and potential remedies.

Vida can also give live information on actuators and remotely activate them to aid troubleshooting.
2002 S60 SE D5 Manual
205000 miles
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Old May 16th, 2019, 14:31   #3
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Location: Shetland

Thanks cheshired5,

I completely agree am not ruling it out completely just odd that the obd is picking up all these other faults but nothing fuel related, but your right maybe a foreign body in the fuel causing the filter to be restricting the flow or something

I think in this case then I will stick the car to my local Volvo specialist.

I appreciate your thoughts and opinions here
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