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300/66 Series General Forum for the Volvo 340, 360 and 66 cars

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Tempted to come back into the fold

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Old Mar 30th, 2019, 17:56   #1
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Default Tempted to come back into the fold

I've been lurking and reading the forums as I'm looking for a classic car that means something to me (ie something I remember or owned growing up). Most cars I've discounted as they are rot-boxes or have appreciated more than my bank account wants to aprt with. I came back looking at the 300 series as I had an '87 340 1.7 GL and loved it, lots of road trips including driving the length of france in a day and still thinking it was a good idea when I arrived in Draguignan. I made the mistake of thinking I would have an upgrade to a 440 which turned out to be one of the most disapointing cars I've owned - the 340 was given to my mum who promtly got rid of it as she couldn't cope without power steering despite otherwise loving the car.

Anyway... I think I'm settled that a 340/360 is a sensible choice in either 1.7 or 2 litre guise and probably non-injection (easier for me to fix a carb than FI electronics). Most of the ones I come across make me cry a little inside as they look like they have been molested by people who like to hang out in Halfords carpark. If I wanted a GL/GLE/GLS in decent original condition (not show condition just not lowered and driven sideways a lot) what would I be looking to pay - and probably more importantly how often do they come up? I've not had clearance from SWMBO yet but she's into vintage tractors so she can't complain too much I'm not that interested in GLT's as although I think they're nice cars they do seem to command a premium over other models which doesn't really deliver anything I need.

It wouldn't need to be a daily driver as I have a more modern car for that and I'm going to be getting rid of the kitcar soon so want something else to play with.

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Old Mar 31st, 2019, 08:47   #2
I'm addicted to my 360
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Hi Andy

Agree with you about the GLT price, they have the worst interiors and are lower specced than the SE/LE and sometimes a GLE too.

Original ones tend to crop up occasionally, they seem to be at the opposite ends of the scale though. Either lots of miles and rusty or low mileage garage stored.

That one looks lovely to me as is but wouldn't be too much work to restore to standard height and put a normal exhaust and steering wheel on it.

There is this early GLT but needs paint work etc.

Or a full on restoration early GLT

Could be a good car after some work.

It might be worth registering to be on the volvo300mania Facebook page if you have it, be prepared to see lots of ruined ones though.

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Old Mar 31st, 2019, 16:40   #3
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Hi 360beast, thanks for your reply, I'd seen some of the cars you linked to, I do like the last one, looks like a nice original car to work with - just a shame it's a 1.4 or I'd be having a serious think about that one (even though its at the wrong side of the country for me, I'm always happy to travel for the right car).
I've joined the 360mania facebook group so will have a look on there once they approve it.
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Old Apr 5th, 2019, 05:18   #4
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Location: Norwich

Well, that was easier than expected... I now have SWMBO approval to buy a 300!
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