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2010 Drive sound system, how do you link your iPhone music

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Old Jul 14th, 2018, 07:58   #1
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Default 2010 Drive sound system, how do you link your iPhone music

Hi there,

Another week and another question

I found the sound system when its cranked up is really good and I'd like to link my iPhone music to it, is there any easy way to do this?

There is already bluetooth and I have connected the iphone successfully to the car but I am not likely to use it in this way, to make and receive phone calls while driving, which is what its really for? I don't have media or tel buttons or a screen, just a cd slot.

I googled but not much comes up just an

expensive apple CarPlay

a cheap piggy pack off of fm?

and an ugly gromm box addition

Have I missed something, is there a cheap easy way to do this and not ugly up the car, still keep the cars lovely neat design?
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Old Jul 14th, 2018, 11:41   #2
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to change to an apple play thing Wont be cheap, and probably wont work

the V50 has a system that is
a/ coded to the car
b/ coded to each other bit
c/ uses fiber optics,
d/ might have ,depending on system level, an amp under a seat/in the boot,

so "cheap" and not have "bits n things" on show = no
possible, yes but £££££
not the cheapest, Does have a "stick on bit you see" x2 but they arent that ugly,,

940s - 2l / 92 < gone&missed s401.8 xs auto <gone >V50 2.4SE Geartronic aka "the new money pit"
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Old Jul 16th, 2018, 20:02   #3
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Maybe this is interesting for some, amazon prime day today and they have these reduced, the Pure Highway 600 one by quite a bit (113£) and the other 2 fm (not dab) by a few quid (these have lots of good reviews, you can always return (cost 5£) if the sound isn't good enough.

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Old Jul 18th, 2018, 15:34   #4
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I too have a 2010 V50.

What sound system do you have? Do you have an Aux In port?

Mine has the basic "Perormance" sound system and Bluetooth for calls only, and no Aux In port, so in order to connect my iPhone via bluetooth for music, I installed this FM Modulator (not an FM transmitter).

It's hard-wired into the FM aerial input at the back of the head unit, and gives you an Aux in. To access it, you tune your radio to a specific frequency. As it's wired in and powered by 12V, the signal is much stronger than any FM broadcast, so there's no interference at all. I comes with both 3.5mm and RCA inputs. I went with the RCA inputs, because I got one of these combined 3.5mm and USB charging ports.

I then ran the USB charging port off the wires to the cigarette lighter (neatly under the centre console, and behind the waterfall), plugged the RCA cables from the 3.5mm port into the FM modulator cables, and put it behind the waterfall.

Then I got a Firefly USB receiver. It's powered off the new USB port, and plugged into the new Aux port. It only handles bluetooth music, not calls, which is what I wanted as the car does the cals already.

When I turn on the ignition, the phone (which is conveniently mounted on to an Mophie magnetic wireless charger on the centre vents) automatically connects to the car for calls and to the Firefly for music, which is then sent to the head unit via the FM Modulator Aux port.

Finally, I have a bluetooth remote control mounted on the back of the steering wheel, so I can pause, play, skip back and forth tracks with my hand on the wheel. I use Siri for changing playlists or picking songs or albums.

Here's the only visible bit:

I haven't finished mounting everything properly, but when I do, that will be neatly mounted in the small tray behind the waterfall. I could put it in the armrest box too, where the OEM Aux and bluetooth goes. I wanted them somewhere accessible in case I ever needed to plug the Flirelfy out to reset it, but in 6 months of running it, I haven't had to, so really I could hide it behind the trim panel behind the waterfall and have it totally out of sight. I might actually do that.

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Old Yesterday, 18:56   #5
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I’ve just bought a 2008 V50 and interested to upgrade the original Performance sound system to include sat nav, Bluetooth, and DAB.

A very expensive option I found was the below, does anyone know anything about this i.e. does it actually work and any negatives to be aware of (besides the price!)??
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infotainment, v50 1.6 drive

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