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ETM Issues Discuss issues regarding the problems with ETMs fitted to Volvo cars.

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Volvo finally recall cars over the ETM issue

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Old Jan 21st, 2007, 19:14   #21
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Talking ETM issues

Throttle Body Cleaning- New to site!
Can anyone help! how to remove and clean???

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Old Jan 22nd, 2007, 14:23   #22
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Well it has happened to mine!!!!

I took it down to Volvo and they did the software and clean FOC but to be honest it has made the situation even worse!! So now it is going to be booked in and the new ETM will be fitted with a discount of 20%.................

I got on the phone to Volvo UK and they said someone would ring me back the following day, however this did not happen and 8 days later they got in touch with me. Basically I spoke to a jobs worth and when I made comments about the safety aspects, durability, longativity etc of the car and components it was basically a case of tough, you have got 20% be grateful!!

I am going to get the car booked in and get the job done, in the meantime I am going to right to Volvo UK and see what they say! Has anybody been in touch via mail or letter?? I have all sorts go wrong with the car, MAF, engine bushes, cambelt reset valve........... to be honest not the sort of things and I would expect to go wrong on a vehicle that is very carefully looked after and only had 51k miles on the clock when we bought it 4.5 years ago and has only reached 81k now!!!

Cheerio for now

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Old May 11th, 2007, 01:03   #23
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Without wishing anyone ill and being somewhat involved in the trade all I can say is "What did you expect from your Ford?"
I spend all day repairing broken down cars and to be honest, Volvo/Ford are one of the better marques. Considering the volumes sold the breakdown rate is very low. However, the quality of Volvo will not return until they return to being an independant Swedish brand or become Japanese owned. Don't assume that BMW ownership will help- they've got their own problems.
Please don't quote contradictory JD Power survey results to me as all they do is to expose the brand of car the type of person who enjoys filing out online surveys buys.

I'm out there all day, most days, doing the job- be thankful you don't own a Renault!!!

P.S. There's a reason I don't drive a new car- it's because old cars are more reliable!
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Old May 14th, 2007, 18:04   #24
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Default etm s60

I Had Trouble With The Etm On My 2001 S60 , I Contacted Volvo Newport Gwent And They Had It In Today To Check It And Cleaned And Put New Software , I Was Expecting To Pay A Bomb But All The Work Was Done For Free.
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Old May 14th, 2007, 18:08   #25
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Originally Posted by stefanratuszny View Post
I Had Trouble With The Etm On My 2001 S60 , I Contacted Volvo Newport Gwent And They Had It In Today To Check It And Cleaned And Put New Software , I Was Expecting To Pay A Bomb But All The Work Was Done For Free.
Don't worry....
You'll be back in to have the ETM replaced soon...

As sure as night follows day...

Des. . .
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Old Jul 19th, 2007, 07:51   #26
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Default ETM Recall in Australia

They have done a recall for the ETM in Australia and do not charge to apply the software patch. No mention of what they do if the wear is too great to overcome the problem.

So far so good on my 1999 S70.
I know I am on borrowed time.
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Old Aug 22nd, 2008, 22:20   #27
Quantum Mechanic
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My 00 V70 had this problem a few months back at 98,000 miles. The local dealer suggested that the throttle body clean & software upgrade for free cures most problems but if not a new etm/throttle body would be needed at a cost of £360 incl labour. I didn't want to risk getting stuck miles away from home as had happened twice in that week so went for the replacement & paid. I didn't see the watchdog programme nor was I aware until then that there were any issues with the V70 & possible Volvo warranty cover. I might contact Volvo to see if they are willing to compensate me to some degree.
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Old Oct 3rd, 2008, 22:08   #28
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It pays to do your homework!
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Old Oct 5th, 2008, 18:56   #29
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We as the main Volvo Forum need to band together with other UK Volvo Forums to lobby Volvo UK to replace the suspect Marenelli ETM unit with the more reliable Bosch Unit free of charge, if the clean and software update does not work. It is totally unacceptable imo that they are charging for replacement of a part which had a major design flaw and is not fit for purpose.

Chris - Can we please give this some coverage in 'Driver' magazine?
1999 V40 T4

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Old Nov 21st, 2008, 12:12   #30
Damned Thing
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Just had my 2001 S60 (98k) give up it's throttle body.
Regularly serviced over the last 5 years at a Volvo dealership.
Just back from them on Monday when I'd left it in for wishbones, brake pads and discs, and told them it was dropping revs and lacking power. Got told on picking it up that it had been thoroughly checked and there was loads of power and no issues, and that it 'might be in my head'. So I go on a three day break with it yesterday only for it to pack in miles from any big town after doing about 90 miles. The AA, thankfully, get me to a small town garage and in 15 minutes I'm told the readings are that it's a throttle regulator issue. Takes me 5 hours to get home, taking it gently; it packs in twice on the way back.

I'm absolutely livid.

I've always bought Volvos, my wife's always bought Volvos and her family have always bought Volvos (well, since the 70s and the 240GL). All 5 cars (S60, two v70s and 2 940s) were all (except one of the v70s) going to be traded in over the next 6-12 months for newer versions. Not now. Not ever.
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