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Guide for ABL Bi-Xenon bulb replacement

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Default Guide for ABL Bi-Xenon bulb replacement

Hi all

This is my guide for changing the Bi-Xenon bulbs on a Phase 3 V70.

First thing is to check which bulbs you need. The bulbs for mine were D1S bulbs, made by Osram. Other Volvo models, ie P2 S60/V70 and S40/V50 use a D2S bulb. If your not sure which you need then the best thing to do is take the back of the unit off and look at the bulb itself.

So, the car - a 2009 V70 with Active Bending Bi-Xenon Lights.

Before starting I gave the car a quick wash, especially around the top of the headlights, just to remove any dirt.

There are a lot of warnings about Bi-Xenons, due to the high Voltages used/created, approx 22,000 volts. It is recommended that the battery negative lead is disconected and then turn on the main and dipped beams alternately to dissipate any residual electrical energy. I turned the light switch to on before starting.

The next job is to pull up the 2 securing levers (or tent pegs as I like to call them) and remove them.

Once you have the levers removed, the unit can then be slid forward until the wiring connecter is seen. To discconect this you need to push down on the tab (Red arrow) on the top and pull it away (Blue arrow). I found it was very tight and so using a flat blade screw driver to lever it out helps.

You can now remove the headlight unit and take it to a more suitable place to work. I found the boot very convenient. I also laid down a towel to create a clean working surface.

Unclip this bar and you can then unclip and remove the rear cover.

Now you can see the bulb in the Headlight. You can see the start of "Osram" as well as the osram bulb code "66144" and "D1S". This should be a 4300K bulb.

The next job is to remove the power cable for the bulb. Whilst supporting the bulb with one hand, simply pull the cable straight down until it is disconnected. Then tuck it out of the way to make remove the bulb easier.

To remove the bulb you need to press on the metal clips, pushing them forward and to the left, until they are clear of the clips on the top.

Hurrah, the bulb is out! Well done.

Refitting the bulb and the headlight is just the reversal of removing.

Notes and observations.

Volvo Genuine Bulbs: My dealer quoted me 153 for a single bulb. Rufe, IIRC sells them for 122, I was able to get 2 bulbs from Rufe with postage for 250.

Other options: Bulbs can be found on ebay or from other online retailers with prices ranging from 30 to 100.

A possible thrid option: I ordered 2 D2S by mistake initially. On removing the old bulb and comparing the 2, I though I might be able to remove the base and it looked as it it was a D2S bulb simple placed in the metal casing. Unfortunately this isn' the case. The bulb is one complete unit!

However it is possible to get a D2S to D1S converter. D2S bulbs do seem to be slightly cheaper and offer a little more choice in different colour temperatures. My maths works it out that buying D2S bulbs and using the D1S converterm than after replacing the 3rd bulb you would save money.

However with Bi-Xenon bulbs having a 3,000 hour life, approximately 7 years at average mileage, it would mean you keeping the car for a very long time to make it worthwhile.

Edit: Link to Original thread
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