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960 Mode Selector switch repair.

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Old Jun 9th, 2010, 01:32   #1
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Lightbulb 960 Mode Selector switch repair.

Hi all. I tried to post this in "Articles" but I don't think I've had enough posts yet so I'm not allowed!

Anyway, down to business.

I noticed that the Mode selector on my new 960 was buggered, so I had a go at sorting it. This is what happened.

None of the buttons I pressed seemed to do anything, and it didn't light up in any of the different modes, so I can't help but medel!!

In the process of stabbing at the buttons, I managed to push the whole unit into the centre console!

So... Out came the centre console tray, quite simple, just 2 Torx screws under the cover below the handbrake, with a bit of selected leverage (and swearing) and it was out.

I could now get to the switch, which had decided to fall apart, not good!

So I unplugged the remains and this is what's inside.

Attachment 22641

While trying to figure out what was wrong with it I came to the conclusion that there was a part missing.

There seemed to be a contactor missing, as there was no way of connecting across these 3 contacts:

Attachment 22642

Above these in the other part of the switch (which I forgot to take a picture of!) is a swinging arm, which I presumed was to move the contactor between the terminals.

Back in the car, I pluggged the exposed board in and started her up.
I used a screwdriver to bridge the contacts 2 at a time, this made the E and S modes light up accordingly. Then I discovered there is a microswitch towards the top of the unit.

Attachment 22643

This is for W mode. When E or S is activated, pressing this disables them and engages W mode.

Right, so now I needed to figure out a way of bridging the contacts, while making it switchable.

I needed a suitable material. I started off with a piece of 2mm thick steel, but it was too hard to work with as this was quite a fiddly job.

Then I remembered I had a load of copper slating tags left over from when I was on the roofs:

Attachment 22644

These are about 6" long and about 1-1.5mm thick. Available from any decent builder's merchant and being copper it's mich softer and easier to work with.

I cut a piece to the right length and approximate width using a decent pair of tin snips, then flattened it back down as it curled as I was cutting.

Quite small as you can see!

Attachment 22645

There is a small notch cut out of the middle contact. so I made my bridge narrow enough to sit in the middle:

Attachment 22646

Now to hold it in place, I squeezed 4 small lips to nestle around the contact cut out using mole grips:

Attachment 22647

It now fitted across the contacts:

Attachment 22648

Then I simply made a slight bend in the middle using 2 pairs of pliers to create a see-saw action across the contacts.

Now to the genious bit (even if I do say so myself!)

The previously mentoned swinging arm wasn't long enough to reach the new bridge. I presumed there must have been some sort of spring and roller before to keep a constant pressure.

The bottom of the swinging arm is hollow, about the size of a flint holder on a Clipper lighter. So...

Out came the collection of dead lighters!

I used a flint spring cut to about half this length in the end:

Attachment 22649

And the nib off a ball point pen. (One of those ones the nice people at Barclays keep leaving lying around in their hundreds!)

Attachment 22650

I used a SMALL dab of super glue to hold it to the spring then another to the other end of the spring before inserting into the arm. This was just to hold it together during re-assembly, as the pressure of the spring on the contact bridge will hold it together once assembled.

Now I carefully re-assembled the switch, as the bridge only rested in place it was a little tricky, especially for my shaking, chubby fingers!

But a few attempts (and a little more swearing) and it was back together, clicking between modes as it should.

Plugged back into the car and Woo-Hoo!!

All fine and dandy.... For now at least!

Now to but my centre console back together.......!

Hope this helps somebody as it took ages to write up!!

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