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V60 - D2, D3 or D4?

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Old Nov 16th, 2018, 13:45   #21
Craig S

Last Online: May 8th, 2019 16:40
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Location: Dumfries

I have the VEA 2.0 D4 (181) business edition, and the fuel economy is not what is advertised (70+mpg) , but realistically I get mid 50s on longer journeys, even with car + driver + 3 passengers and luggage on a motorway journey it will still do mid 50's. The D4 however does like to be fed on Premium Diesel, and I find I get around 10-15% better MPG on Premium diesel

But to get that I do have to drive it sensibly. Cruise control/speed limiter set at 70, no hurry. Very Relaxed cruiser at that speed.

As with all of these cars if you use all of it's power, which there is plenty, it can drink like a fish. The power delivery is very smooth and almost linear, it doesn't feel like a lot of "powerful" diesels where you get nothing then everything then nothing.

But - with the VEA engine just look at the thread on the EGR/Cooler. You might be lucky and find one that doesn't have any issues.

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Old Nov 19th, 2018, 14:13   #22
Premier Member
scoobysn7x's Avatar

Last Online: May 19th, 2019 18:25
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Location: Newcastle

We have a 2012 V60 D2,a nd a 2013 V60 D4 (one of the last of the 5 cylinders), I have to say my partner loves her D2, andaround town it's fine, on the motorway it will happily sit at 70-80mph with no issues, the lack of power is only really noticable while overtaking, or on an A road blast.

Personally I prefer the D4 engine, its quick enough to be fun, and engaging, power delivery is much better, and the 5 cylinder sound track is great. MPG wise I'm pretty sure there's not a lot in it, around town/local driving the D2 maybe slightly better, but then on a long run the D4 is better, probably at at motoway speeds the D4 is at lower revs.

But theres not really a lot in it either was I average about 41/2-43mpg, I have a short commute to work, on a long run I can see 49-51mpg, my partner verages 43-44mpg (same kind of short commute), same kind of long commute in the D2 47-48.

When I got my V60 I had a choice of a lower spec D4 (which I got), or a slightly higher spec D2, I wanted the engine over the kit/spec, and I haven't regretted it :-)
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