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D4 VEA 'check engine' light / EGR fault thread

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Old Nov 19th, 2017, 16:52   #1661
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The incorrect oil *may* have a marginal impact upon economy if it is a very heavyweight oil and it might cause an issue in really low temperatures if the used 10w40 or similar but for all reasonable use within UK you won’t notice any difference.

There is every probability that the Honda stock oil is the same as the Volvo stock oil as all companies have fine tolerance engines and they want to minimise friction as the impact is the same whichever make of engine you have

Previously XC60, V70, S40, ...
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Old Nov 19th, 2017, 17:24   #1662
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Default Vw...

On my old VW, i think their diesel spec oil was "low ash" to generate less crud should it get burnt.

Mine was fine, but apparently VW deem 1 litre / 1k driven as "acceptable" !
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Old Nov 24th, 2017, 21:02   #1663
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The engine light came on in my 2015 V60 at lunch today. Called Volvo Assistance who have recovered the car to local dealer. Won’t find out till Monday. Have been given a rental car even though the car hasn’t been seen by the dealership as yet. All done within 2 hours which is pretty impressive.
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Old Nov 29th, 2017, 22:35   #1664
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Originally Posted by craigv60 View Post
Good news about the EGR.

I doubt that the wrong oil will actually damage anything. However, it may throw up odd / unusual readings from the electronic dipstick (which you experienced), as Volvo is careful to specify a special 0W20 ultra-low friction oil, and the sensors in the engine that read oil quality etc will be designed with the viscosity and flow characteristics of this oil in mind.

I have no idea what type of oil Honda specifies for its diesel engines but I doubt it's 0W20 grade. It's worth giving the Honda dealer you bought the car from a grilling on this, after all they've not had to do anything to help you with the EGR fix.

I would get them to confirm to you - in writing - that they used oil and filter to Volvo's spec.

Volvo carried out the work (EGR unit and hoses replacement) approx 1 month out of manufacturer warranty. I've had the car back for around 2 weeks so it's early days but all seems well so far.

A couple of points to note - the car drives with no noticeable driving performance difference in comparison to before the work was carried out. However, the MPG seems a little lower but I'm stuck in traffic a lot in the short time since the fix.

The burning/diesel smell in the cabin that I mentioned in earlier posts has became worse, it seems to be at it's strongest in the rear of the vehicle. I've contacted Volvo and they want to take a look. I noticed today that the cabin heater was not able to give out very hot air when at it's maximum setting, this is making me think the smell may be related to a heater core issue. Any thoughts on this would be most welcome.

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