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Rear brake light 'upgrade'

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Old Aug 29th, 2017, 16:46   #31

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Originally Posted by Tony500 View Post
I only have one plug also due to us not having the electronic tailgate?

You mean the lower lights and the third brake light only work now after you have done the mod? Make sure your boot is closed over properly as if it's not closed over the lower lights act as brake lights too.
Sorry Tony, I wrote that down wrongly. The vertical lights & the middle light work as brake lights, with the vertical lights working with daylight running lights on reduced brilliance. The lower lights don't work as brake lights, but with reduced brilliance with daylight running lights - not that I'm worried as there are enough brake lights without them. Vertical & lower lights work with side/parking lights. Yes,no electronic tail gate,cheers,JDmac.
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Old Sep 3rd, 2017, 21:44   #32
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hi guys,
I wouldn't mind betting that there is a diode as well as a resistor in the module. The diode will block the 12v from the brake light circuit feeding back to the DRL / sidelight circuit.
In the video, the module has a Red and a Black wire to ensure that it is the correct way round, not two wires of the same colour which might be the case if it could be wired either way round (i.e. just a resistor)
I Would suggest using a 1N5402 diode which has a 3A rating. You might need to adjust (lower) the ohms value of the resistor slightly, as the diode will contribute to the circuit voltage drop.
The diode and resistor are connected in series. The "line" on the diode (at one end) would connect to the brake circuit (black wire), the other end of the diode connecting to the +12 from the DRL via the resistor (Red wire).
The mod is at your own risk. You will need to check with a multimeter as the above is a logical assumption and no liability accepted.

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Old Sep 17th, 2017, 11:08   #33
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Originally Posted by Tony500 View Post
This morning I tried this out and succeeded!
I will post pictured ect later on when im back from work but bought the resistor from maplin (Code: L100R ) and put a 5amp fuse in there for safety!
I was just going to buy the Russian mod when I saw this thread, an hour later with a couple of bits of wire a 5mp fuse and the quick trip to Maplin's for the L100R and the lights work perfectly. So very happy camper and thanks to Tony for working it out and saving me around 40 Euros.
Previous Cars : V70 P2 D5, XC90 SE, XC90 SE Sport, C70 D5. Current V70 P3 D5 R-Design
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