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Original Sensus Maps update

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Old Jan 18th, 2019, 20:54   #401
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I find I use it mostly with nav, have it set to pause to stop instructions on the bits I know.

If it's already set I believe you can Chang eits function in my car settings, although been a while since I played around with it so might be a little wrong...
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Old Jan 19th, 2019, 13:19   #402

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Steadvex - you were right (ish)

The FAV key (with an asterisk - bottom left) has a number of things the FAV key can be assigned to, one of which is iPod random. So I have access to that function now. If yours is
set to random - give it a long press and it will reveal a short list of other things this key could be assigned to when in iPod mode specifically (I assume - because when I then select random or equalizer it says something like 'iPod FAV assigned to...")

But previously there was an iPod menu with options that included random but also repeat, and others. Still have not found it. Will have another play later.
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Old Jan 22nd, 2019, 10:30   #403
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Default Anyone in ireland update sensus

I have a 2011 S60 R design and Sat Nav needs updating, I have contacted 3 dealers asking for Sensus upgrade so I can update by USB and so far have no reply, has anyone had this upgrade in Ireland ?
the Best Volvo dealer around closed years ago and since I have had nothing but issue with Volvo parts / service ( driving S70 since 2002 )
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Old Feb 1st, 2019, 18:30   #404

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Default Update on the map update experience...

Originally Posted by george57l View Post to find the links for downloading new maps, and adding some MyPOIs now the thing has been updated at last....
Just to update on my experience, with an interesting observation... having had the Sensus software updated and found a 32gb USB stick and downloaded the latest maps to it....

When I put the USB stick in the car it told me the new map was detected and it would take 3hrs and 5 mins to upload. In fact, over several short journeys (some very short) I reckon the ignition was on for perhaps only a little over an hour, maybe less (and certainly less than an hour and a half at the very most) by the time it had finished. Progress monitoring was a little 'jerky' as others have noted, but more than once when I started the engine the remaining time was less than it had been when I last turned it off. And it never seemed to decrease in units of less than 10 mins.

But my key point is that, not having a 32bg stick around, I went and bought a Sandisk and paid a few quid extra to get the fastest one I could (Flair, rather than the slightly cheaper Cruzer). I wonder if the initial remaining time calc was based on some 'assumption' as to upload speeds (perhaps at the time the system programming was written, when memory sticks were much slower) and that my having one with very fast transfer speeds (claimed to be upt to 150mb/s) did in fact make the difference that meant it thankfully took between a half and third of the initially estimated time.

This may be worth noting if you have not yet done this and are put off by the long update times quoted. It can be much quicker than stated and perhaps it is plausible (??) that a faster USB stick will help. I wonder whether it would have been very much slower if I'd bought the cheapest unbranded one - so cheap they were 2 for 10 and had no transfer speed quoted.

Anyway, all updated, and at last I've got the Satnav system just like I was used to on the previous car, and a fully updated map, plus all the POIs are now added, too (inc. pocketgpsworld speedcams). The only one I cannot find a POI file for is RHS gardens. I swear I used to have it but cannot find it again. Hey-ho.

Over and out.
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