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2011 XC90 Order Placed. Options Question

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Old Mar 5th, 2010, 10:38   #1
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Default 2011 XC90 Order Placed. Options Question


A few days ago I placed an advance order with a dealership for a 2011 Volvo XC90 D5 Executive.

I got the standard spec, which is quite comprehensive however added Running boards, sunroof, and a bluetooth kit.

My fingers are crossed that Volvo change the GSM phone in the car for integrated bluetooth in the new model, but who knows.

The running boards and bluetooth, are dealer options. The sunroof is a factory option.

A friend of mine, who has a 2010 MY also suggested getting the rubber boot mats and front parking sensors.

Two Questions:
1. Are boot matts available to fit the car any cheaper than from the main dealer. As I didnt ask before signing I expect they wont add these for me for less than list price.

2. I never saw Front parking sensors on the options list in the brochure. Does anyone know why this would be? Are these a dealer fit option? Do they use the same control module?
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Old Mar 5th, 2010, 12:42   #2
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Depending on what the dealer is charging you for running boards you could look at getting them from ebay. Volvo Nottingham sell them for 300 delivered. Several people on here have fitted - 4 bolts on each side. No need to lift car to it. Seems a dead easy DIY job.

The front parking sensors seem to be a dealer fit item only. No idea why - you end up paying to have the car stripped apart, which reflects in the price the dealers charge. They connect to the rear of the car and I assume are linked to the rear control module. The instructions are here...

On boot mats - I haven't seen anything suitable yet. The Volvo one is in two halves but I would prefer a folded in half mat that will cover the full boot when the 3rd row seats are folded away.

Bluetooth is the one missing piece for me - the fact it's not available already makes me think it needs some money invested to integrate with the headunit display. I'd be surpised if they add it now in isolation, so I would imagine that if they haven't done so by now it's because the headunit can't cope - so maybe if / when the car has a major refresh of the dash / radio it will follow....possibly that is what's coming with the MY2011 but who knows.

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Old Mar 5th, 2010, 12:50   #3
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Thanks for the reply.

Dealer included Running Boards in the deal, so I have not paid for them but on the order form they are priced at 517. I may see if they will fit front sensors instead, and get the running boards myself from ebay, as you suggest.

I still find it odd that with the new model looming Volvo have not released any details of the specification changes. When are we likely to know what were going to get?

Bluetooth was also included in the deal, but I have been told it will be something like the Parrot kit. The only other option I got was a sunroof, because I like to look up and see the stars.

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