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Guide to rear pad replacement with EPB

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Old Feb 20th, 2012, 18:01   #1

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Default Guide to rear pad replacement with EPB

Here is a simple guide to replacing the rear pads on a >07 V70 with electric parking brake. This is based on solely my own experience having just done it but I take no responsibility for the contents!
I used an Autel MaxiEST EST201 with V1.08 software for the release and reactivation of the EPB.

Start by chocking the front wheels and jacking up the rear and making sure the car is properly supported. Remove the rear road wheels.

Plug the EST201 into the diagnostic socket (located just below the handbrake switch) and turn on the ignition (no pedals so you don't start the engine)

The EST 201 screen then looks like this:

You then select Volvo from the list of manufacturers (item 4):

If you want to you can check for any stored codes etc and you can also read the car's software versions. The next step is to scroll down to advanced:

Selecting advanced brings up the service menu:

From here you can have fun activating and deactivating the parking brake without using the normal switch but to carry in with the job select "Activate Service" When you select this you will hear the parking brake unwinding, just like when you normally release it but for longer. You can then get on with the dirty end.

Undo the bolts that hold the piston carrier. This needs a 13mm spanner and also a 15mm open ender to hold the inner part still. Once removed the piston and carrier can swing clear to expose the pads.

The old pads are held in place by the clips so don't fall out, simply wiggle them a bit and they come free of the clips:

Put the new pads into the clips in the reverse of taking the old ones out:

Here is a comparison of old and new pads. This is the worst of the old pads after 60k miles of use. The offside had about 2mm left, the near side had about 3.5mm.

The next step is to push the piston back in. I thought at first it would be one of those you have to rotate but in fact it simply pushes (I used a bit of timber batten and a tyre lever)
Then position the piston carrier back in place and bolt it on using the new bolts. The new bolts are supplied with the pads and come pre-coated with some thread locking agent:

Once both sides have been replaced and bolted up you go back to the EST201 and scroll up to Installation Check. This runs through a series of application and releases of the parking brake to make sure it all works. When you first go into service mode it stores an error code which gets cleared at this stage if everything is in order.

Assuming there are no error messages all you have to do is put the wheels back on and jack it back down again and remove the EST201 from the port and the job is done.

Here is what you get in the kit:

That should be the last time I'll have to do that on this car so if anyone wants to buy my EST201 please PM me. Its only been used once and I confirm it works a treat and is very easy to use. It comes boxed with a neat little carry case, a USB cable for downloading updates in the future, a disc of the software including an updating utility (but it is currently loaded with the latest) It currently has software for Mercedes, Audi VW, Volvo and Ford and it is rumoured that future updates will add other cars too.

Hope this helps someone. Maybe the admin guys could sticky it?

Link to original thread

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Old Feb 20th, 2012, 21:11   #2
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Great tutorial. That's what I was looking for. Thanks
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Old Feb 27th, 2013, 21:34   #3
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Hi what sort of price do you want for the EST201. I am looking to replace my pads and discs on my V70.
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Old Feb 28th, 2013, 16:24   #4
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Default epb

:thumbs_up excellent write up and great pictures,a very usefull thread.this should be on a sticky or "how to"section
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Old Mar 3rd, 2013, 18:01   #5
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Thanks for an excellent write up.
I did this for the club mag recently, your pics are better than mine.
Just a quick note that you don't actually need the electronic kit, you can do this without it by using a Torx 50 to wind the motor back in.
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