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Euro 6 Diesel and AdBlue

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Old May 10th, 2015, 20:13   #21
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Originally Posted by green van man View Post
Think some of the v and s40s use it and the tank is under the car designed to be refilled as part of the service.
That will be Eolys Paul, an oil based one to help burn the soot in the dpf, whereas Adblue is water based to neutralise the gases nox etc.

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Old May 10th, 2015, 20:18   #22
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This all reminds me of a talk once given by a Volvo Trucks design engineer in Gothenburg on one of my factory visits around 2004, a very clever Swede who made an amusing point.

Adblue is a 'Urea' solution, generally harmless apart from being corrosive to steel (Adblue tanks are usually plastic) and he claimed it closely resembled pig's and probably human's urine in chemical make-up!

As a Volvo SCR truck engine is designed to lose some power when the Adblue runs out, his suggestion was that if a driver suffers this fate before getting to a refill point, he could simply p*ss in the adblue tank to get back to full power to drive home!

Quite how a car driver would do this with an adblue tank under the car, I can't imagine, but might be a useful tip if you're ever caught out or caught short!
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Old May 11th, 2015, 12:36   #23
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don't get confused between AdBlue and Eolys - the former can be filled up by the driver, the latter is designed to be filled annually at the service.

AdBlue is injected into the exhaust whereas Eolys is added to the fuel.

they both create a similar result, but best not to get them confused
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Old Feb 27th, 2016, 15:40   #24
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Default AD Blue

Ad Blue or DEF as its called is used to squirt in the Filter and reduces carbon emissions,the tank in my Mazda CX7 is in the rear and holds around 5 gallons of Ad Blue.ut
The dealer is known in some ares to charge up to 200 for a fill up I buy a big container for 20 on ebay and fill it up myself.
The first time we became aware of having AD Blue in our car was when we were in France and the car's computer said we had 500 miles left before the car would shut down! We carried on along the French highways and could not find a garage that sold it so we decided that as Ad Blue was made of Urea that if I drink lots of water and pee in the tank that should work and believe it or not it did.We carried on another 60 kilometres and found a Shell garage with loads of Ad Blue in big plastic containers so we bought one and filled the tank up with it.

The DPF light comes on when the filter is clogged up on most diesels and to replace the filter costs a fortune but there are garages which delete the filter off the ECU and disconnect and clean the filter so it can be input on the car again without losing its use.
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Old Mar 3rd, 2016, 23:26   #25
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I had an Audi (A6 3 litre quattro) with AdBlue. It managed to do about 7000 miles before it needed topping up. Mine was done by the service department where my brother works (non franchise) for about 16.

So yes its DIY and its not that expensive, getting it in the filler can be a pain as it isnt that easy on the audi from the big containers, easier with a nossle.

Great can and great engine, from which the adblu didnt detract.
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