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2014 XC70 DSTC / PAM errors

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Old Jan 14th, 2019, 22:46   #11
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Default Problem solved- read above^^^


Excellent skills

I'm sure the solution will be of invaluable use to someone in the future.


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Old Jan 30th, 2023, 17:36   #12
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Hi Steve,

I created this account merely to thank you. I have gone through so many forms in Swedish and English and noone found the culprit of this problem. Some people spent £1000s and problem still existed.

I have the same problem with my 2011 V70 and it was eating my brain as Iím now abroad and the car feels and drive very weird. No DSTC, parking sensor and the gear shifts hard. Also heaters in the seats given up. I read your comment and went right away to the closest dealership and bought that R1 relay, praying itís my problem too. I havenít worked much on cars electric systems before and Iím wondering whether itís ok to change the relay myself without removing battery heads? I donít have Vida atm, so what do you advise regarding clearing codes? Would it work again if I donít clear the codes?

Thanks again for your follow up on your problem!


Originally Posted by sellxc70 View Post
I've solved the problem today

Working back from checking for 12v power at the modules led me to the fuses under the glove box. All the fuses were ok (not blown) but having no 12v power to some fuses didn't immediately occur to me but that is what I found on the right hand side fuse bank; no power!?! I worked out that the fuses without power all led to the modules and systems that were showing in the vida fault diagnosis.

My next course of action was to check the power supply routes to the fuse box by looking at the wiring diagram. This is part of vida if you have the EWD but my version didn't have this so I searched on line and manged to locate a 436 page .pdf file with comprehensive wiring diagrams. By page 14 I found what I needed and could see that the bank of fuses was being fed 12v power from a relay 'R1'.

I removed and tested the relay and found a fault with the switch. A new relay from Volvo fitted and problem now solved. I've erased all the errors using vida and taken the car for a test drive and all is good. Parking sensors and heated seat back on along with DSTC and AWD.

I hope this conclusion helps anyone with similar issues.

Regards, Steve
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Old Feb 1st, 2023, 14:02   #13
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quick easy fixes are the most satisfying I'm sure this fix will also apply to other models as well. well done on tracking down this mystifying problem. keep u the good work.
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