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Haldex oil change

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Old Feb 11th, 2023, 05:16   #51
lynns hubby
Master Member

Last Online: Apr 5th, 2024 09:25
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Great Yarmouth

Can anyone confirm (or not) whether its OK to run the car round to warm up the oil, check the level first then if its OK Drain and replace with the same quantity of oil?
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Old Feb 12th, 2023, 00:17   #52
Junior Member

Last Online: Apr 18th, 2024 03:06
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Location: Brisbane

Yes, it is OK to do this. You can only get about 500 mL out of the fill hole though and you reset the level by the fill- 40 mL.

Note, having just done mine, the spec on the filler plug is 35 Nm, but mine stripped before that. I felt it start to go, stopped, and left it. If it leaks, it's box out so hoping for the best. It'll be box out next time I change, but that's a problem for a few years time (hopefully!).

Yes, I checked the torque wrench calibration afterwards.
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Old Feb 12th, 2023, 18:13   #53
lynns hubby
Master Member

Last Online: Apr 5th, 2024 09:25
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Great Yarmouth

I am going to give it a service, not just change the oil, drop the pump and clean/change the filter. But I will catch what comes out and refill with the same quantity. Then after a few hundred miles just drain the oil and refill.
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Old Jul 22nd, 2023, 23:09   #54
New Member
Robotack's Avatar

Last Online: Mar 14th, 2024 13:51
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Location: Dublin

My local Volvo garage all but laughed in my face when I asked them to order the oil and seals for my haldex.

Turned out the gauze was completely blocked.... Another "lifetime fill" of oil according to volvo
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Old Dec 17th, 2023, 08:34   #55
Senior Member

Last Online: Today 11:22
Join Date: Feb 2019
Location: Fleet

Originally Posted by GusGecko View Post
Mine was changed this morning haldex 5 - 2015 xc60.

See before and after pics - this is the first time I've changed it after 73k miles... despite asking Volvo directly and the dealer if it needed to be done - they both said it doesn't.....I think these images show otherwise!
Was the system working at 73k miles?

My 2019 xc60 is at 34k miles now would like a haldex oil replaced and gauze cleaned not confident doing myself although does sound relatively straightforward.

Presume there's no recommendation for diff oil changes either!
MY19 Volvo XC60 T5 AWD, Fusion Red, Blonde Leather, Dark Tints, 19inch wheels on summers, 18inch ALUTEC on winters.
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Old Dec 20th, 2023, 12:03   #56
Trader Volvo in my veins
classicswede's Avatar

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Location: Anglesey

Some can be a pain and need the prop taking off to get them apart.
Changing the haldex oil should be part of major service
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Old Feb 10th, 2024, 00:08   #57
New Member

Last Online: Feb 10th, 2024 00:08
Join Date: Nov 2023
Location: Auckland
Default AWD Disabled

Can anyone tell me please how to remove the AWD Disabled - Needs Service sign from the DIM after servicing the AWD. I have changed the oil and cleaned the gauze filter on the Gen 5 Haldex but I can't get rid of the sign and can't find anything about it on Vida. Thanks for any advice. 2013 V40 Cross Country
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Old Feb 18th, 2024, 17:20   #58
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Location: London Sutton
Default Upgate maps issue (import car from Japan )


I import my Volvo V90 CC 2019 from Japan,but I cant update maps from Japan to UK or UE . Locations on screen still shows location my car on Tokio
I tried update maps online but said,Map data could not be read.check USB,,
Any idea how I can do?
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