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Screen removal / re-fitting

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Old Jan 3rd, 2009, 10:07   #1
Gordon Hunter
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Default Screen removal / re-fitting

A 40 year old car windscreen can take a fair battering over the years. While a level of stone chipping can be acceptable even to the MOT man, there will come a point when the screen really needs replacing. Even small chips can suddenly develop into an MOT failure and I have seen cars where carelessly fitted or badly worn wipers have left nasty scratches on the screen that cannot be polished out.

In the workshop I have been converting a left hand drive 1966 P1800S Californian import over to right hand drive. As the screen needed to come out anyway, this project will make a good visual aid to illustrate the procedure. The same principles will be applicable to the Amazons although you will have to remove the interior trim too.

How you remove the screen and trim will depend on which parts if any that you are re-cycling. If the screen rubber is in good condition then it is well worth re-using as this will save money and be a lot easier to fit than a new seal.
If the trim is good but the rubber is shot, then it is far easier just to cut the trim out of the rubber with a Stanley knife than risk warping it. Don't worry if you do bend the trim slightly, as it is made from aluminium (excepting the earlier P1800's which are made from chromed brass) and can be re-shaped to a degree with the edge of a scraper.
Removing the old screen can be done after the trim is out. I use three or four large paint scrapers to prise back the rubber from the inside of the car and lock it facing backwards to its normal position in the aperture. The screen can then usually be pushed out with even pressure from the inside of the car enough for an assistant on the outside to pull the rubber outwards over the aperture at one of the corners. Once this first part of the screen rubber is out, it is relatively straight forward to work your way round the rest of the screen with the assistant and remove enough of the rubber to pull the screen out.
Now is the time to remove any remains of the old sealer and make sure that any rot in your screen aperture is repaired so that a smooth and even surface is left to fit the new screen to.
The original screen sealer that Volvo used dries rock hard and you will have to chip this off with a scraper! If you are very careful, it is possible to avoid chipping the paint around the screen and having to re-finish this.
Please ensure that you wear proper eye protection when carrying out this part of the preparation...

1.) To refit, first fit the rubber to the new screen while it is off the car.
Before offering it up to the aperture, I fit a length of ordinary household speaker cable loaded into the inside facing groove in the rubber. This wire will give us the necessary leverage to pull the screen rubber over the aperture lip when it is fitted in place...

2.) Once you are sure that the screen is lined up well in the aperture, get an assistant to push down on the front of the screen with even pressure. you can now pull the wire out, forcing the rubber over the inside of the aperture...

3.) Now its time to prime underneath the rubber seal with a flexible sealant of the kind that never fully dries. I always err on the generous side with the sealant. Fitting the trim will force the sealant into any gaps in the aperture. This will make quite a mess but any excess can be cleaned off later with a rag and some white spirit. Although the sealant is the non-setting variety, don't leave the next stages and cleaning up for too long as the sealant becomes less malleable after a few hours...

4.) Next the speaker wire is forced into the trim groove in the rubber. This enables the rubber lip to be lifted up high enough to accept the trim...

5.) Proceeding one side at a time, fit the trim into the grove in the screen rubber and use a trim tool such as the one in the photo to ensure that the rubber lip seats over the top lip of the trim. There is quite a knack to this, but with a bit of patience you'll get it in...

6.)Fit the remaining trim section, remembering to fit the two joining sections in place. You can use the scrapers to further manipulate the trim into the rubber. Slide the joining strips along and stand back and admire your hard work!..

Gordon Hunter
1800 Register Keeper
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