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LPG, CNG & LNG - General Info and Issues Share experiences and problems

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5 cylinder on petrol... and 4 on LPG

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Old Jan 4th, 2018, 08:28   #11
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Originally Posted by Simon Jones View Post
Merry Christmas to you too . Much as I'd love to write it, I've got BRC and Prins conversions which don't suffer the problems of the factory fitted systems. My advice would be to rip out everything downstream of the tank and get a decent modern conversion.
Hello and Happy New Year to eveyone.

@ Simon Jones:
It's about five years that some mechanics suggest me the same: change the whole system. Given the situation of all Volvo-Necam systems, it could seems a reasonable solution; however too much often I hear different kind of problems on after market system, e.g. fuzzy behaviour of active injector and their relative revision/refurbishment or (an old but evergreen fashion) the conflict between original ECU and the added one for the gas. It sound strange but the only Volvo-Necam system's weak point is the stepper motor: CNG says his "treatment" makes it stronger than the original. That's why, as I can, I want send him mine to be fixed and "Highlanderized" (remember? the last immortal? Well, exactly it).

Originally Posted by CNGBiFuel View Post
Don't talk bitch about it, write it. I wrote one once and they ignored my request to make it sticky.
Send you old core to me. Sorry I don't send out on spec anymore. No matter how large a deposit I take, the old cores don't come back. I owe nearly 900 to various owners around Europe in core-deposits. Which sounds very profitible, but in the end I run out of cores. So I can't send steppers. No cores, puts me out of business. Hence, 900 is no good to me, I'd much prefer to have the cores.

For thsoe that wish to continue driving whilst I repair I send you a blanking plate.

See my ebay offerings, buy my blanking-plate whilst I repair yours.
For more detail go to eBay.
OK, as I can (not immediatly...) I'll send you my stepper motor. But I previous need to know costs and address. Does this forum provides a PM service? It's possible to have an ebay link of your "blanking-plate"? Thank you.
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Old Jan 15th, 2018, 12:57   #12
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Although at the level I do these (or the price I charge compared to other sources) it could hardly be regarded as trading, yet I suspect I'll get knocked. Hence better I don't trade on here. I'm sure you'll find me if you're serious.

Blank off the thing before you start, then speak to me before committing to real monies. This will save us all time and hassle.

If not a P80, I'll tell you to move your stepper...
Bifuel V70 Classic 1999 [The Old Grumpy in the Corner, "When I was a lad... blah, bl**dy blah."]

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