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LPG, CNG & LNG - General Info and Issues Share experiences and problems

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gas leek smell from round distributor

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Old Dec 17th, 2017, 19:50   #1
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Default gas leek smell from round distributor

hi all, the story so far,

i have the CNGbifuel special stepper motor fitted about 2 years ago that's still working well,

started off looking for a pesky cylinder 1 misfire, (only on LPG) occasional try slow down or shift up message.. changed coil packs round, swapped plugs round, fitted new plugs, misfire stayed on cyl #1,
in the process of doing that the pcv breather hose fell to bits, so took inlet manifold off and cleaned pcv box out (wasn't even dirty), fitted new crank case breather pipe,
i never put a new inlet manifold gasket on,
did the lpg distributor disassemble cleaning procedure.
all back together for a test run, runs ok on LPG now cyl#1 misfire has now gone. runs lovely on petrol pulls hard all the way trough revs. so must have just been a dirty distributor
but now i have a gas leek smell, moor noticeable in traffic,

so in an effort to stop the gas leek smell, thinking it must be be a bad hose, i replaced all the rubber hoses (16mm from vaporizer, and 5x 8mm from distributor using lovely stainless click clips very secure) something i would recommend doing if your hoses are original, mine were in very bad condition,

so any one got a diagram or photos of a distributor i saw a very detailed strip down procedure on a Swedish forum? but i cant find it now, i did notice that there was a small threaded hole in the side of distributor, wondered if there should be a grub screw in there?
it couldn't be from manifold gasket or it would run like a sack of spanners, right?

could i have missed an o ring putting stepper motor/distributor back together?

at this stage im out of ideas! and skin on my knuckles! just like a few ideas before i go back in
54 plate v70 2.4 bi-fuel
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Old Dec 22nd, 2017, 00:38   #2
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You're getting your leeks mixed-up with your Brussels. Brussels a round and the distributor isn't

First of all a general reply. Move the distributor. can't remember if yours is in the sh*t place, but if it is, it'll cook eventually. Then you'll be back for another from me. Get some more 5x 8mm from distributor and move it. My mod works but even it can't cope long-term with the heat. P1 don't have it in the sh*t place for a reason.

I don't recommend ever stripping the dizzy down. Until the lower diaphagm goes you'll not need those kits, even then if swished out with injector-cleaner. you don't need to strip. Even if you don't run proper fuel and insist on that dirty LPG junk over CNG they do get dirty but repeated applications will shift the heavy-ends. Do it every 5-6000 which you can do in 2-3 mins (as against an hour or more (and no knuckles) if you move the dizzy.

If misfire is only on LPG, your issue might still be as simple as a plug-gap too wide (keep 'em narrow and use single point cheap plugs), or a clogged dizzy. There should be grub screw in the side, that is the take-off for your manometer. That open won't be helping!

There's 1 x O-ring, a spring and a spring-washer between the stepper and the dizzy.
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Old Dec 29th, 2017, 22:05   #3
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Leeks are lik a very mild onion, wont smell much of anything
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Old Dec 30th, 2017, 09:32   #4
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I love home made leek and potato soup ...
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Old Jan 1st, 2018, 13:06   #5
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sorted it now, it was the o ring, it was a in bits,

to make finding the leek easier, i moved distributor, so i could cover it in soapy suds, its now cable tied on to rubber air intake pipe, pain in the ass job i had been putting off, extending the 6 wires was a bit like performing key hole surgery, but i now have the option of moving it anywhere under the bonnet, if only i had put on longer hoses

if any one else is considering moving distributor, i would suggest taking off inlet manifold extending 6 wires fitting a new crank case breather pipe, and new longer rubber hoses, there is one hose on the under side of inlet manifold. get it all done in one go, instead of the arse about face way i did it
54 plate v70 2.4 bi-fuel
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Old Aug 25th, 2018, 12:35   #6
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Where you moved it? I am stuck with ideas. No place anywhere near...
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