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Q about LED headlights

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Old Dec 6th, 2018, 20:35   #11
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Given it is a kit car and over 40 years old (so no MOT) you are unlikely to run into legality issues unless the converted lamps are dangerous/have incorrect beam pattern. Pre 1980 vehicles of any sort do not need to have "E" approved fittings.

However - most retrofit LED bulbs are hopeless - even if very bright. So the sealed beam replacement units already mentioned are by far your best bet. I notice you see them on a lot of Land Rover Defenders, which also have 7" units. Have a shop around on the 4x4 websites and e-bay.... I fancy some for my Spitfire.
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Old Dec 6th, 2018, 21:51   #12
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Default LED Lights

LED lighting on road vehicles is the work of the Devil!
IMHO they are bloody dangerous whether fitted to the front or the rear; they blind you either way when approaching a vehicle fitted with them and are especially bad when reflected through your rear view mirror or door mirrors.
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Old Dec 6th, 2018, 22:18   #13
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I have seen several vehicles fitted with multiple source LED headlights & they are a PAIN to test for MOT purposes .

Seeing as your car is bike based , look for a bike headlight with a projector lens as standard , I have tested several cars fitted with HID headlights where the cost of repair was stupendous , so owners have retro fitted LED light sources and upon testing for MOT using beam setter I have only ever seen a clean sharp cut off with no dazzle .

LED lights will draw considerably less current due to their design & provide more light than halogen lights do . You might find you struggle to get the heatsinks fitted to the LED difficult to enclose in the light shell
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Old Dec 6th, 2018, 23:40   #14
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Thanks, much food for thought.
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Old Dec 7th, 2018, 00:01   #15
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the Bike headlight unit might be the best of both worlds, road legal, More light and less amp draw on the system , even more so if there is an acceptable one that fits your existing shells

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Old Dec 9th, 2018, 22:42   #16
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This- -just came up while I was browsing on youtube, admittedly it's American and you'll need to follow through to their youtube channel for more info, but the '7inch round' in the title caught my eye.

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