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Oil/Coolant mix coming out of expansion tank

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Old Oct 3rd, 2018, 21:36   #41
It was green and bricky
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Originally Posted by kainechris83 View Post
Car has been at the garage for the past week . They ring me today to say they think the oil is still mixing with the coolant after flushing it many times. Saying the oil dip stick has gone down by a quarter. Surely they can test to see if it is the head gasket . Or do you think they juse cant be arsed with it. At my wits end . God knows what the bill is going to be like. Could the problem lay anywhere else .
There are tests/chemicals that look for combustion gases in the coolant. Most decent garages should have them. Plus look for pressure in the hoses, even when cool after a few good revs. I also had bubbles in the coolant of my Jeep.
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Old Oct 13th, 2018, 20:15   #42
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Any news of progress/otherwise with this?
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Old Oct 13th, 2018, 21:56   #43
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yes, eventually got the car back , their exact words were the engine is ****ed lol. I flushed it out many times with daz washing powder and the coolant is now crystal clear, car is running like a dream. Thank god for everyones advice on this forum , just a few other little bits to sort with it now which i shall start another thread for soon
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Old Oct 13th, 2018, 22:06   #44
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Originally Posted by kainechris83 View Post
Just got back from the garage to see what was going on. They have said they have used one treatment of Forte degreaser and had been flushing it with a hose. They said the could still see oil coming up into the header tank, and so he diagnosis was he thinks it the head gasket. So from reading everyone advice it clearly has not been flushed/decreased enough. Ive just agreed to disagree with the garage and shall be bringing it back tomorrow to start doing it myself

I really appreciate the advice that everyone has given me and putting up with my ranting
That's good , I did say I had to flush one out probably 15 times to get it clean , and over time more oil will ooze out of the hoses if you have not replaced them, eventually after a couple of years when you have forgotten all about it , a hose will burst and all the coolant goes in about 2 seconds seen it all before I am afraid ...
My comments are only based on my opinions and vast experience .
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Old Oct 14th, 2018, 08:35   #45
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Good news indeed.If you've not already changed the hoses due to availability or other reason[s] at least you've bought some time to gather them and fit them when you can.
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