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Diesel Engines A forum dedicated to diesel engines fitted to Volvo cars. See the first post in this forum for a list of the diesel engines.

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Diesel particulate filter and rising oil levels discussion

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Old Jul 4th, 2012, 23:24   #11
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Use a low saps 5w40 oil and change the oil every 10000 miles that would keep you out of problems
But if you still have warranty they use it as an excuse to not compensate
Because the sticker says 0w30
0w30 was only advised for being low saps and slightly lower emision due to the low viscosity
The oildillution makes that already too thin oil thinner
Audi petrol turbo's without dillution already seized up with that wateroilcrap and audi now prohibits 0w30 for those engines
Now be prepared by all those submissive volvo rule followers who will say in reaction to this thread numerous time that the manual "commands" 0w30 even when they dont know why and volvo cant be wrong wont they?
They didnt even knew 5 years ago why the oillevels where rising yet alone that those wateroils thinned even more due to regeneration with biodieseldillution!!
My volvo isnt in warranty and my engineer oil analysis heart says that thicker oil can cushion the dillution levels combined with shorter drain intervals
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Old Jul 4th, 2012, 23:55   #12
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Originally Posted by AlunH View Post

I am at a loss as to what action to take now. We (STUPIDLY) didn't take the car back to the garage and demand a full repair or a refund if not rapaired within a fixed time frame. We trusted Volvo and were let down. They said they had fixed the problem when all they have done is cover it up. They even made us pay for clean oil to be added during the testing phase because I didn't weant the car to run with insufficiently thick lubricant.

Is there anyone with legal training who could advise us what to do now?

Thank you for your post (quoted shortened).What you write is indeed correct,unfortunately.

I have been informed that 'the oil is of a quality and standard that allows dilution with diesel so as not to affect its ability to protect the engine'.

Now make of that what you will, but in my book its nonsense. Oil should not be diluted with diesel,and for oil to be diluted with diesel in the manner it is being, indicates a design fault.It is however mere opinion and I am not a qualified tech so my thoughts count for nothing without being able to substantiate them with proof.

For any action to have a chance of being successful you would have to provide proof. To do so would be expensive,not to mention time consuming and stressful.For any action to be successful you must have suffered a loss? - have you?

And therein lies the problem - by the time engines may have worn (even prematurely - say they expire at 80k when without the poor oil lubrication issue they would have lasted say 150k) it may be suggested by Volvo that it is not due to this rising oil issue, but something else - and how does one dispute that or argue the contrary?

Now don't get me wrong, I am hugely in favour of the 'small man' taking on the might of a large corporation despite the odds being stacked against them, and seeing a 'large corprate grin' turn into an even 'larger corporate grimace' although one has to be sensible and consider chances of success in relation to time expended along with attendant cost and stress!

It really is a difficult position in which to be, and manufacturers know that.Awareness may be an option with which to fight back.

The above is just my opinion and others may disagree.

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Old Jul 23rd, 2012, 13:14   #13
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When we bought our Volvo 2 years ago I took the decision, based on the various dpf regeneration threads, to use 0W-40 oil and this year I have also started using the new low ash version of this oil.
I have not had the software update done but don't completely fill the sump, I top up with 6L at the oil change. So far the oil level has changed very little if at all over the last 3 10,000 mile oil changes. Of course it may be topping up with diesel as fast as it is burning it! This year I have decided to extend the oil change interval to annually for economic reasons, that should equate to about 15,000 miles.
2006 MY V70 SE D5 AWD 7 seat.
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Old Aug 17th, 2012, 11:14   #14

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Default Rising oil level V70 D5 205 year 2010

Rising oil level V70 D5 205 year 2010

From factory to 18,000 miles oil at the max level (4 bars on the electronic gauge), no top up required (Factory Castrol oil)

After 1st service 18,000 to 36,000 miles oil at max level no top up required (Castrol oil)

After 2nd service From 36,000 miles the oil level seems to hover from 3 bars to 4 bars (max level). The garage advised me that the recent software update has reduced the oil amount to account for rising oil level (Mobil 0w/30 oil)

Should I be worried about any damage this may have caused to the engine since new and consider a replacement car.

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Old Aug 17th, 2012, 12:33   #15
Probably Akita's Toyboy..
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no it sounds fine the problems are if it goes over max...
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Old Aug 23rd, 2012, 15:58   #16
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Default Possible DPF Solution?

Waiting for the arrival of my new XC60 D5 Geartronic is killing me... One major concern I have is over the DPF regeneration and oil rising problem some people have been having. As I'm a low mileage driver I'm toying with the idea of fitting a fuel burning parking heater on the assumption that it could allow for quicker passive regeneration to occur. Is this a viable option or am barking up the wrong tree?
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Old Aug 25th, 2012, 20:38   #17
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I think the parkheater will release soot too
but it will heat up the engine faster and will reduce sootproduktion
Low mileage in itsself is not the problem
Try to not make all the miles in the city and get the newest dpf softwareupgrade free at the dealer if this car hasnt have had any yet

Monitor your oillevel and if no dpf warnings come i asume regeneration will occur
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Old Oct 7th, 2012, 16:47   #18
S80 D3 Geartonic 2013
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Smile 2007 S80 D5 - Engine Management Service Message

My S80 D5 has done 53k miles and no problems. The the DFP / oil level software update and engine label was done in 2011 on a recall. The car has been regularly serviced.

Then last week the dreaded yellow exclamation mark came on with the "Engine Management Service Required" message. It was permanent whenever the car was started or running. Took the car to my local (and excellent) independent Volvo specialist. They ran an OBDII sweep and scratched their heads a bit at an error code which indicated something wrong with the oil level, or with the oil level sensor. It was clear that the oil level was correct, at 1/3rd below the max mark. So all they did was disconnect and reconnect the sensor, re-establish comms between the sensor and the car compuetr system and hey presto - problem solved! Been running a week now with no more messages.

The lesson is if a garage wants to fit and charge you for a new oil sensor, just ask them to disconnect and reconnect the existing one first.
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Old Nov 5th, 2012, 22:33   #19

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Just had this problem on my August 2008 V50 D5 with 113k on the clock.

500 miles of the car not-warming up at all resulted in an oil over-level warning.

Took it to Volvo and they fixed it for free and they said to give it a good run every so often.

I noticed it was down to 30MPG instead of my usual 35MPG, so I know if it is happening again!
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Old Jan 5th, 2013, 19:32   #20
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Default Rising oil levels

Can I confirm that this problem is on the D5 engine... but what year does it start from. Cheers
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