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Wind noise from Quater light - 1967 1800S

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Old Jan 3rd, 2020, 20:34   #1
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Default Wind noise from Quater light - 1967 1800S

Hi all,
My '68 1800S suffers from lots of wind noise at speed. I suspect that this is coming from the quarter light as it dramatically reduces once the QL is opened a fraction. I bought some new QL seals five years ago when I bought the car.

The car has no door (or wing) mirrors.

How difficult is it to replace the seals and will this cure the problem?

I have only found one thread on QL's glass removal (,

this one on wind noise in a Amazon (

and these two on noise from QL in 1800

Any other suggestions?

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Old Jan 4th, 2020, 14:36   #2
Derek UK
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I'm going to be rather vague about this and it won't include replacing the seals but I think I have read that the front part of the seal frame should be sealed off from the outside by a mastic like Dum-Dum. That's NLA but there are alternatives. If this sealant is missing the airflow gets directed through the gaps and causes whistles and noise. Can anyone confirm this? Maybe they have come across the sealant when removing the QL. It might have hardened/dried up and wasn't replaced. Info wanted.
Not having door mirrors does keep things quiet in that area as they are notorious for disturbing the airflow around that corner.
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Old Jan 4th, 2020, 15:37   #3
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I’ve replaced the 1/4lite rubber seals after having the frames on mine chromed.
It wasn’t especially hard but once renewed to shut the window takes some pushing and manipulating against the seal. Once shut properly there is no noise.
However, once opened again you have to go through the whole rigmarole of sealing. Perhaps as the seals get relaxed it will become easier.
I did, as Derek mentions, replace the mastic like substance under the front stainless plate and under the frame. You don’t need loads as once is secured tight it forms an effective seal.
Search ebay under Butyl sealing tape. I couldn’t find wider than 30mm so just laid two strips
side by side.
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