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Speed Limiter on new Recharge Twin...

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Old Apr 2nd, 2024, 16:48   #1
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Default Speed Limiter on new Recharge Twin...

Hi Everyone
New to the forum - nice to meet you all...
I've just swapped my trusty XC40 Recharge PHEV for a new Pure Electric Twin.
I used to rely on the simple speed limiter on my old car - very handy for avoiding tickets in 20mph zones. On the new car, I can only find the "pilot assist" function - which obviously does control the speed, but doesn't allow me to accelerate and brake manually like the simple limiter did.
I can't find anything in the settings menus to help me with this - does anyone know how I can find and activate the speed limiter...?
Many thanks.
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Old Apr 2nd, 2024, 22:59   #2
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Iím not familiar with the XC40, but looking at the online manual, if your car is a MY24 then it looks as though the trusty old speed limiter has been binned, and replaced with ISA. Could this be what you are looking for?

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Old Apr 3rd, 2024, 14:36   #3
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Hmmm - that'll be it. I can see the reference to the ISA function in my settings - I'll have a play around and see how it works.

I'm wary about relying on the car to identify the speed limit correctly though...

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Old Apr 4th, 2024, 14:26   #4
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My experience of the all-electric XC40 is limited to a day driving one as a courtesy car. I too use the speed limiter function on a regular basis in my D3. Whoever had driven the loan car previously left it with some unusual settings, Single Pedal, Steering Force High and a couple of other oddities.

I set off and tried to select Speed Lim in the normal way on the LHS of the steering wheel, instead I found I had Speed Select. After a little more button pushing I decided that the A1 southbound was no place to investigate the automation features so having successfully disengaged them I drove home in ďmanualĒ mode.

With a bit more time and space I sorted out the Single Pedal bit, didnít really like it and changed the steering to a more familiar force level. I then tried to find out where the Speed Lim had gone and located it in a dusty corner of the central display. Success I thought, but then found that I could only engage it along with Pilot Assist mode. At least thatís what the icon on the driver display indicated. I had neither the time nor inclination to investigate this particular feature, so back to manual mode I went.

I also found that the Speed Lim function could be accessed in conjunction with the ISA mode. I had previously experimented with the Sensus version and found it, should we say, sub-optimal. It applied different limits in auto to those I observed on a daily basis in manual/advisory. I would take some convincing that the Google version is any better.

Because of my background, I am receptive to automated features and try to use them. However, I am aware of the importance of selecting the correct mode and level of automation for the circumstances. An important element of this is that you should be aware at all times what modes and features are operative. I do feel that this is something that motor manufacturers have yet to fully appreciate and implement.

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