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ETM Issues Discuss issues regarding the problems with ETMs fitted to Volvo cars.

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P2101 error after upgrading ETM with Contactless Sensor.

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Old Feb 27th, 2017, 13:01   #1
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Default P2101 error after upgrading ETM with Contactless Sensor.

Hi all,
my V70, 2001, Automatic, ETM was playing up with all the usual symptoms and had gone into limp mode once, so I bought a sensor and 'upgraded' it last weekend.

All went well with the installation and the car drives pretty much OK. However I have a problem and some observations.

The Dash has the Yellow Warning ! illuminated and a message saying that there is an Engine Service Required, I bought a code reader, cleared everything and ran the car until it came up again - it is a P2101 code - "P2101 OBD-II Trouble Code: Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit Range/Performance"

The car drives OK but occasionally has a small hesitation when setting off and occasionally also seems to have a bit too much PEP - setting off a little quicker than 'normal'.

Fitting the sensor wasn't a problem, all the joints were good, I trimmed the bolt down to the top of the nut, cleaned the body out at the same time so its all nice and clean. The only thing I didnt do was any voltage measuring during the install as my instructions didnt mention doing any. Looking into the issue brought up some more instructions that mentions measuring and changing the voltage as below.

4) Install the new contactless TPS sensor cap in place. Make sure the rubber O-ring is sitting properly. Do not solder it yet. Just make sure the terminals are making the contact. Connect the throttle body and measure the voltage again between 1st and 3rd pin. Ideally it should be around 1.35v. If the voltage is much different than that then you need to adjust the magnet position. The magnet moves over the D shaped end for around 5 degrees which will alter the voltages - To raise voltage turn it full clockwise. The trickiest part is locking it in place for a test. It easily may take up to 30 minutes JUST on voltage calibration. You can use quick release clamp from end to end to test each time when adjusting. Remember that the sensor leads will bend inwards each time you adjust as they are made from soft metal.

Anyone have any experience in doing this ? Is the voltage a potential issue ? Any recommendations other than taking it off and fiddling as per the instructions above ?

Also - I'm in Leeds if anyone knows a person/garage with experience of these things.

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Old May 11th, 2018, 20:40   #2
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Did you ever figure this out, I'm about to undertake the contactless upgrade myself on an 01 V70 and the P2101 code is already there for me (along with a few others P0350-P0355, P1610, P1651.

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Old May 19th, 2018, 08:30   #3
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what kit did you buy?
i'm considering doing this to mine due to issues i'm having.
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Old Dec 10th, 2018, 00:44   #4
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Just thought I'd drop a line to update: I used a Sacer TPS kit from eBay, it was pretty time consuming and I almost gave up at the voltage matching/orienting the magnet part but got there in the end and it's been running sweet for several months and several thousand miles now.
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Old Feb 7th, 2020, 18:33   #5
Polo on
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I have just fitted the Sacer unit, and I now have more erratic idle than before and it stalls occasionally, which it never did. My instructions mentioned nothing about voltage measurements to align the magnet on the shaft, could anyone send me a link (or post one) or copy the section into here please? I guess you have to do it static with the engine off, but all connected up.

Also, I am using Vida and can't see the fault codes with it. I get text descriptions but no numbers. Is there a different place where they are visible, and are they stored?

Does anyone have a schematic of the connector or something showing where to measure as I don't really want to open it all up again unless I have to...I made a good job of sealing it. That was after about a 5 mile test drive, during which it performed perfectly.
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