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Retro fit heated front seats ?

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Old Dec 12th, 2017, 14:15   #1
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Default Retro fit heated front seats ?

I have a 14 reg V40 that I got back in September, and now that the cold weather has arrived I really miss the heated front seats that I had in my old car.

I have been wondering if it would be possible to retrofit head pads to my seats.
and have a couple of questions.

1 Is the wiring fitted to all cars?
2 Can the switches be added to the central control board?

I know you can buy kits to fit but would like to do a factory install keeping the car original.

Any advice, please.

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Old Dec 12th, 2017, 15:33   #2
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If it works the same as the S40/V50 series, then I believe the wiring will be there and the switches probably there behind the blanking plate on the centre console. So at that end, probably just the buttons to get, or fit another console with them on. Not sure about the actual seat pads, but I remember reading that someone on here had replaced their seat pad after it failed so I imagine it must be possible to get the parts and do it.

However I do know for sure that the heated seat option has to be installed and configured on the car's CEM for it to work. That's a dealer-only function, and there I suspect the project will fall. Unlike the trip computer in the DIM, where all the hardware already exists and they just have to apply a software package to enable it (at the cost of several hundred pounds IIRC), in this case I suspect they'd refuse to sell you the software or their labour to enable something that wasn't fitted by Volvo.

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Old Dec 12th, 2017, 16:25   #3
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My experience was with a far older car, a 2002 V70 - I installed all the hardware and took it to Volvo for the software installing, they wouldn't/couldn't do this as it wasn't spec'd with the winter pack from new.

Ended up installing aftermarket seat heaters, which was quite time consuming but easy enough, it means I've got 2x holes in a trim panel for the switches, but I made sure they where in an easily replaceable panel (not that it matters now the car in 15 years old).

Suspect as the other poster says, it will be a battle to get them working - I'd advise that you approach Volvo first to see what's possible,
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Old Dec 12th, 2017, 17:01   #4
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Not looking good then.

I have been told about a V40 with the same interior as mine, that is in a scrap yard after an accident and it has the winter pack fitted. so was thinking if I got the seats and switches from it I could swop them into my car. But if it will need to be programmed and the dealer will not do it, then it's a no go.

I even wondered if I could get an upgrade to heated seat done by the dealer, but they only fit it to new cars.

Think I need to get hold of a centre console to take apart and see if there is any way to mount an aftermarket switch using the Volvo switch face.
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