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Volvo Official Guinness World Record in 2021 !!

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Old Nov 12th, 2021, 12:14   #1
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Default Volvo Official Guinness World Record in 2021 !!

Guinness World Records confirms that Torquevolvo is “Officially Amazing”
as it sets a New World Record bringing the record for the largest parade of Volvo Cars home to the UK.

The measurement of 800 Volvo cars traveling forward together in a single file parade over a measured distance of two miles was achieved at RAF Elvington, York, on 27th June 2021.

Official Guinness World Record for Volvo

The event saw Volvo enthusiasts from all over the UK and Europe working together to attempt this record. The Torquevolvo event team wanted to focus on raising money for the British Heart Foundation Charity for which over £16,000 was raised.

The plan to challenge and set a new record originates back to 2018 when Colin Hughes challenged the organisers to host the event. Attempt number one was held at the Bruntingthorpe in March 2019 but was disqualified due to excessive gapping between cars breaking the formation of the parade. A second attempt was planned for June 2020 which was then postponed when the COVID19 pandemic struck. Bruntingthorpe then changed their operational model seeing the event team having to relocate the meeting to RAF Elvington in June 2021.

COVID restrictions were lifted just enough in May 2021 allowing the event to progress with over 4000 people attending and enjoying the day. Two parade attempts had to be made before specialist independent witnesses confirmed that 807 cars had completed the measured 2-mile course. Each parade took approximately 56 minutes to pass through all three measured gates on the 2-mile course.

Further scrutiny of the video footage validated that a further seven cars had to be removed from the application. Four cars where not displaying a front number plate or had entered the parade with a show plate. A further three cars did not complete the full course.

The confirmed parade number of 800 cars is officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the new record holder figure, bettering the old record set in Poland 2010 by 229 cars.

In total the two events combined have raised over £37,450.00 for charitable causes.

The Torquevolvo team in celebrating the success and outstanding achievements of the two Volvo600 events wish to thank all who attended, past and current friends, the many and various Volvo Clubs who all activity supported the event and charity raising activity.

Torquevolvo wants to acknowledge in particular all the help received on the day at Elvington by the marshalling team and the independent witnesses.
All of whom were all fellow Volvo car owners and volunteers who stood on the runway for many hours waving and welcoming all patrons to the event and getting the cars lined up in formation and parked on the large hard stand area.

Thank you to CDH Racing, Police Chase UK, Swedish Boost Mafia, Culina and Great Bear Distribution for donation of the many prizes which gave great fun and helped raise money for the British Heart Foundation charity in the many bonus ball competitions.

Finally, the entire team at Torquevolvo wanted to reflect and remember dear friends and fellow enthusiasts who are no longer with us. In their memory we honour and dedicate this achievement.

Daniel Pinkey
Jakub Lipinski
John ‘Nosh’ Ronie
Martin Sampson
Robert Demarco
William Dalziel

Official Guinness World Record for Volvo
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Old Nov 17th, 2021, 18:15   #2
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Default GWR Certificates of Participation

To order your Participant certificate you need to go to the Guinness World Records store -

To order your Certificate, follow these simple steps:
  • Create yourself an account and set up your postal address.
  • Login in with the new account. Select add to basket on Certificate of Participation.
  • You will be asked for a date and country - put 27th June 2021 and United Kingdom.
  • Click Continue.
  • Select Largest parade of Volvo cars (don’t select either of the others &#128526.
  • On the next page enter your name, click on the preview icon and if happy select approve and the 2 confirmations at the bottom of the page and add to basket.
  • Click confirm on the next page.
  • You should then see your certificate in the basket and check out as normal.
  • If you didn’t log in or create an account you can do it here and then check out as it keeps it in your basket 👍

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guinness world record, torquevolvo, volvo, volvo600

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