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Ignition curve - B200E - 123dizzy

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Old Nov 17th, 2019, 23:02   #1
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Default Ignition curve - B200E - 123dizzy

Hello there ! am a proud 88 240GL sedan owner.

Id like to know if any of you guys know where I could find the ignition curve for a Bosch 0 237 024 015 distributor (Volvo 1346919, also Bosch 0 986 237 338).

I have been looking up the internet and into the greenbooks for a solid week now, but I havent found what I am looking for. The closer dizzy number Iv'e found is the Bosch 0 237 024 013 but I have no idea if this curve is safe for my engine or not... I really don't understand how to read Bosch numbers and there isnt any "tutorials" to read !

A bit of context : I became tired of my TZ28H ignition letting me down every time it rained and noticed a really bad mileage as well as quite a lot of misfire. I took the old distributor appart only to find that the vacuum advance cell's arm was stuck, hence not advancing under light load at all. This, combined with an awful wobble in the dizzy's shaft and this continuously failing ignition module (due to being placed right behind the headlight, easily covered in water every time the car sat under rain...) pushed me to seek a replacement. So ive bought a 123 Distributor. As well as a new coil, new HT leads and redoing the wiring.

This whole TZ ignition is rather crude and doesn't offer any tune-ability. I'll spend some time understanding how to create my own ignition curves but for now I need to get my old lady running again !

Now all I need is... This damn ignition curve !

Kind regards, in hope of finding a solution.
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Old Nov 18th, 2019, 11:23   #2
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This may help?


Saved here with a lot of other documents:

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Old Nov 18th, 2019, 17:47   #3
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The 1st link appears to be broken...

Iv'e looked up some of the links on the 2nd one. Iv'e been there before but I'll do some digging.

Thx for the help !

Edit : sadly, this documentation cover the US version, and my car is Euro spec...
By example : the literature you've linked says the TZ28H disappeared in 85 and came with the B19A, B23A and B230A... But my car is (was) equipped with it

My car is an 88, with K Jet (without lambda sond, yes, ik it sounds crazy, we only got LH in some GLTs here, my car doesn't have any emission thingy)

Hence why I am struggling to find the right curve... I think I'll have to try and see. I only put 98 in my car so I don't fear knock much.

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240, distributor, ignition timing, tz28h

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