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XC90 T8 Sim Card slot???

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Old Apr 29th, 2021, 12:03   #11
Polestar Pete

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Location: Wokingham

Someone posted the handover sheet somewhere on the forum here, but I can find it now. I have a print-out of it somewhere.

However, supplying your own data SIM and sticking it in the car works just as well. Just be sure to read any activation instructions there might be - the simplest ones don't need anything special - they're just plug-and-go.

XC60 T8 R Design Pro
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Old May 4th, 2021, 18:54   #12
New Member

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Location: Glasgow

Originally Posted by Polestar Pete View Post
If you use the Vodafone SIM provided by Volvo, then I seem to recall that an APN needs to be set in the internet settings in Sensus.
I just activated my Voda SIM in my new XC60. You need to go through a registration / activation process on a device connected to the Car WiFi. I started with an Apple device but it wouldn't work but had no bother with my Windows laptop. Once set up it has been great but the renewal costs are not very competitive so will move to whatever is most competitive when I have used the 100Gb.
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Old May 4th, 2021, 19:01   #13
New Member

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Originally Posted by js90 View Post
Definitely issues with VOC though. It took three days of trying intermittently for mine to decide to finish the setup process.
Mine was a nightmare... I bought a nearly new (500 miles) ex-demonstrator Volvo Selekt XC60. It was the perfect spec for me but drove from Glasgow to Birmingham to pick it up. The dealership tried to activate VOC but it wouldn't work and they advised it would work after my drive back North.

Inevitably it didn't and I took it in to my dealership in Glasgow who said there was nothing wrong with the car and I just had to drive around and keep trying to activate it from the Communications menu. I was told it was an issue with the telco but I had my doubts. Days later after trying a million times (it would always get stuck on "Loading Configuration") I took it back to them and asked them to fix under warranty and told them I did not want the car back until it was resolved.

The master technician had to refer the problem to Volvo HQ and it was resolved in their central back-end service. NOTHING to do with the telco but clearly something to do with the way the car VIN etc. was registered. Anyway it is sorted now and has been flawless since.
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Old May 4th, 2021, 21:53   #14
New Member

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Originally Posted by MCV60 View Post
I recently picked my new V90 , came with VOC and Vodafone sim. (previous car V90 didn't have it)
I cannot for the life in me get the Sensus or my phone to connect to the Vodafone sim. I even checked to see if there was a sim present. The Vodafone signal appears to be weak in my area.

Then found this link. Good luck.

I've decided to tether my phone to the car and use my phone data for live traffic data.

This was me! As i got the car through a business scheme it was delivered to me so never got a handover. Had work work out the sim stuff for myself. Never realised the complicated vodafone thing was required and for a few hours was convined the sim was faulty but eventiually got there.
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