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1994 940 SE Converted to burn turf

NI_Volvo_Nut’s Volvo Owners Club Forum Photo Gallery
1994 940 SE Converted to burn turf
Just got this one, have it just over a week, been converted from a turbo to a 2.5 Vauxhall / Isuzu engine, appears very easy run. No plans for this lady, wee tidy up to the body work, thats about it, some sound deadening from a diesel Volvo if anyone know of some somewhere

Well, had her about 4 months, she does around 45mpg, so i guess she'll stay a while. All thats happened is some clear front lamps, 960 rear lamps, a service. In the next month or 2 i will be dynamating the interor to reduce the engine noise.
I'll get some pic's up of the mods when i get her cleaned, she's looking decidely durty at the minute lol

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940 Turf burner 1994 940 SE Converted to burn turf - Photo 3470 1994 940 SE Converted to burn turf - Photo 3471
Gallery Statistics
Member: NI_Volvo_Nut
Created: Aug 30th, 2008 16:36
Last Modified: Dec 28th, 2008 09:29
Views: 607
Images: 3
Comments: 3

Author Comment Date
david philips dit you fit the engine yourself,was it a simple fit,how would you compair it to the diesel volvo,and was there any problims with tax boox or insurance,lastly looks great very nice, Sep 6th, 2011
NI_Volvo_Nut It had a 2.5 Isuzu engine retro fitted into it Aug 26th, 2011
silveruser How do u get 45mpg on this one???????? Aug 26th, 2011
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