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2004 volvo xc70 AOC oil and filter change

niguk68’s Volvo Owners Club Forum Photo Gallery
2004 volvo xc70 AOC oil and filter change

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Up on axle stands Pump Filter location removing propshaft hex screws. Prop and exhaust removed. Prop flange Dirt on pump clean pump sludge in pump and filter holes old and new filters old and new filter caps pump re-fitted and new filter fitted Propshaft flange with treads for pushing out propshaft sludge in old thick oil. Bottle I used to fill the haldex unit with the volvo special oil. Haldex system, fill  level bung.
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Member: niguk68
Created: Dec 18th, 2010 19:22
Last Modified: Dec 18th, 2010 19:22
Views: 37998
Images: 16
Comments: 6

Author Comment Date
leah2929 how do i get to 2004 s40 problem with alarm going off randomly for no reason Apr 5th, 2021
andymuggwump Hi Niguk68,

I have exact same problem as you with my 04 XC90. I had code 000B. Just cleared it and it hasn't returned yet. I need to do the oil and filter change but it looks pretty in depth :-/
How long did it take you and would it be easy enough for a diy'er like myself?
By the way, I'm near Lincoln too
Jan 27th, 2011
niguk68 I'm sorry I have not tried to get any myself yet. I sugest you start a new thread, there are many people in the know on this site. Yes you are o.k to drive without the prop, just make sure that M8 bolt is taken out of the rear flange.
Regards, Neil.
Jan 17th, 2011
stolly I saw u had completed your write up thanks is was very helpful..... removed prop shaft with M8x20mm bolt "great" one issue the I came across. I assumed the CV joints both ends were the same size.. guess what there not.. so I'm stuck with 2 need one for the front end, any idea where i can get one from, my original 3rd party supplier ( only stock the rear end. Thanks! PS can I drive it without the prop shaft in the meantime? Jan 17th, 2011
niguk68 Hi, if you look at the pic of thr flange you will see extra holes, (other than the prop bolt on holes). Find an M8 bolt approx 20mm long and screw in from the rear of the flange, this pushed the prop out. On the pic I have left 1 bolt in for clarity.
Hope this helps,
Jan 16th, 2011
stolly Hi good pic's this will help me a lot, looking forward to the the write up. I"ve got a xc70 2006, just removed my exhaust to replace the CV joints on the prop shaft. I've removed all the bolts but the rear end wont detach from the coupling any ideas how to remove it, thanks Regards Robert. Jan 16th, 2011
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